Second Appalachian Karst Symposium

Second Appalachian Karst Symposium
May 7-10, 2008
Johnson City , Tennessee

Sponsored by the East Tennessee State University (ETSU) and General Shale Brick Natural History Museum and Visitor Center at the Miocene Epoch fossil site in Gray, the Don Sundquist Center of Excellence in Paleontology, and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at ETSU. Co-sponsored by EPA Region 3, the Karst Waters Institute (KWI) and the Journal of Cave and Karst Studies (JCKS).

Motivation and Goals
Following the success of the 1991 Appalachian Karst Symposium, ETSU will host a follow-up symposium to foster communications and to promote the exchange of ideas among all professionals concerned with scientific studies and environmental conservations in the Appalachian karst region.

Keynote Presentations:
Will White: The Evolution of the Appalachian Fluviokarst: Competition between Stream Erosion, Cave Development, and Surface Denudation
Art Palmer: Cave Exploration and Research in the Appalachians
Gregory Springer and Harry Rowe: Late Pleistocene and Holocene Environmental Changes: Effects of Climate Changes and Native Americans On An Appalachian Landscape
Russell Graham: Vertebrate Community Response to Late Quaternary Climate Fluctuations Along the Appalachian Gradient as Documented by Fossiliferous Cave Deposits
Call for Papers and Abstracts

The symposium organizing committee is soliciting abstracts and manuscripts of recent studies related to conservation, biodiversity, exploration, geomorphology, and hydrology of Appalachian karst.

Suggested topics are:
Ecology and Evolution of the Karst Biota
Karst Feature Distribution and Data Management
Karst Geomorphology and Speleogenesis
Karst Hydrology & Groundwater Flow
Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering in Karst
Cave Archaeology and Paleontology
Paleoenvironmental and Paleoclimatic Investigations in Karst
Cave Conservation and Management
Karst Protection Efforts Through Education, Data Development, and Technical Assistance
Cave Exploration in the Appalachian States

To insure the quality and scientific value of the Symposium, all papers and abstracts will be reviewed by experts in the field of cave and karst studies. Accepted abstracts and papers will be published as a special issue of the Journal of Cave and Karst Studies (JCKS).

Official site: http://www.etsu.edu/physics/appkarst/

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