Hypogene Speleogenesis and Karst Hydrogeology of Artesian Basins

The Ukrainian Institute of Speleology and Karstology, Chernivtsy and Tavrichesky universities, Institute of Geological Sciences NASU (Ukraine), National Cave and Karst Research Institute (USA) and the Silesian University (Poland), are organizing the International Conference on "Hypogene Speleogenesis and Karst Hydrogeology of Artesian Basins".

The Conference will be held in May 2009 in Western Ukraine, an internationally recognized model region of hypogenic speleogenesis in gypsum. Field excursions through karst areas of Bukovina, Pridnestrovskaja Podolia and Pokutje between and after scientific sessions will offer a unique opportunity for participants to familiarize themselves with a spectrum of evolutionary types of karst presented in the region and the world's largest gypsum maze caves. Field trips will serve to illustrate scientific and practical issues of hypogenic speleogenesis, karst hydrogeology of artesian basins and engineering geology of covered karst.

The conference is being organized under auspices of the UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis and the IGCP-513 Project, within the programme of the International Year of the Planet Earth.

Topics to be covered include:

• Nature of hypogenic speleogenesis and its place in karst and cave science;

• Hypogene speleogenesis in various geological, tectonic and hydrogeological settings;

• Karst hydrogeology of artesian basins: regional and intermediary systems, groundwater resources, methods of study;

• Hydrodynamics of stratified confined systems containing soluble beds;

• Conceptual and numerical modeling of hypogene speleogenesis;

• Hydrogeochemical processes of hypogene speleogenesis, mechanisms of dissolution of carbonates and evaporites in hypogene settings;

• Speleomorphogenesis of hypogene caves;

• Formations and minerals of hypogene caves;

• Evolution of karstogenetic settings, evolutionary types of karst, landscapes of covered karst;

• Deep-seated karst features: hypogene speleogenesis or epigenic paleokarst?

• Geoenvironmental problems of artesian and covered karst regions;

• Role of hypogene speleogenesis in the formation of oil, gas and ore deposits.

The First Circular of the Conference with more details is available at:


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