Karst from recent to reservoirs

Karst from recent to reservoirs:International conference on paleokarst & multi-permeability flow systems

The Karst Waters Institute and co-sponsoring organizations invite you to join us in Rapid City, South Dakota June 7-11, 2008 for a special conference focusing on paleokarst and fluid flow.

Karstified rocks present special challenges for petroleum production and groundwater hydrology.
This meeting brings together specialists from these and other fields, to share knowledge about issues of multiple permeabilities.
The program promotes interchange of ideas by including talks, posters, field activities, and discussions.

Topics to be covered include:

Karst origins and geometries
Burial, collapse, and porosity redistribution in paleokarst
Use of modern analogs to understand paleokarst reservoirs
Architectures and connectivity of carbonate petroleum reservoirs
What is paleokarst (origins and preservation)
Paleokarst reservoirs/economic paleokarst
Modeling flow
Modern karst hydrology as analog for flow in paleokarst
Modern as proxy for ancient - physical architecture
Paleocave fill records and the fossil record

The Black Hills of South Dakota are an ideal setting to examine these topics. Excellent exposures of paleokarst are present in Carboniferous rocks. The modern day karst, including Jewel and Wind Caves, provides unique opportunity to view a complex history of dissolution and mineralization. The conference features keynote lectures by worldwide experts, a full-day field trip led by Professor Art Palmer, and the opportunity to learn and exchange ideas with your colleagues. We welcome your participation.

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