Underwater speleology journal Vol 39 No 2

UWS Volume 39 Number 2, Apr/May/Jun
Journal of the Cave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society


Midwest Mine Diving (Chris Hill)
Still Lifes in Dark Waters: Drawings of Missouri's Cave Systems (Michael Angelo Gagliardi)
To "T" ot not to "T", That Is The Question (Gene Melton)
Visit With A Cave: Little River (Kristi Benot & Jon Benot)
2012 Hart Spring Winter Workshop (Cheryl Doran)
Conservation Corner (Kelly Jessop)
Skill, Tips & Techniques (Jim Wyatt)
Cave Diving Milestones (Shirley Kasser)
From The Back Of The Cave: Reprinted from Vol2 No 5 Fall '75 (Sheck Exley)
The Loop (Joe Citelli)

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