International Journal of Speleology Volume 38 (2) 2009

Volume 38 (2) 2009

Guest-editor Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez
The association between bubble trails and folia: a morphological and sedimentary indicator of hypogenic speleogenesis by degassing, example from Adaouste Cave (Provence, France)
Philippe Audra - Ludovic Mocochain - Jean-Yves Bigot - Jean-Claude Nob�court.
Pages: from 93 to 102
PDF Available

Sediment flushing in Mystic Cave, West Virginia, USA, in response to the 1985 Potomac Valley flood
James J. Van Gundy - William B. White.
Pages: from 103 to 109
PDF Available

Cottonballs, a unique subaqeous moonmilk, and abundant subaerial moonmilk in Cataract Cave, Tongass National Forest, Alaska
Megan D. Curry - Penelope J. Boston - Mike N. Spilde - James F. Baichtal - Andrew R. Campbell.
Pages: from 111 to 128
PDF Available

A terminological matter: paragenesis, antigravitative erosion or antigravitational erosion?
Giancarlo Pasini.
Pages: from 129 to 138
PDF Available

Cryogenic cave carbonates from the Cold Wind Cave, Nízke Tatry Mountains, Slovakia: Extending the age range of cryogenic cave carbonate formation to the Saalian
Karel Ž�k - Helena Hercman - Monika Orvo�ov� - Ivana Jackov�.
Pages: from 139 to 152
PDF Available

Annual and transient signatures of gas exchange and transport in the Casta�ar de Ibor cave (Spain)
Angel Fernandez-Cortes - Sergio Sanchez-Moral - Soledad Cuezva - Juan Carlos Ca�averas - Rafael Abella.
Pages: from 153 to 162
PDF Available

Observations on the Cave-Associated Beetles (Coleoptera) of Nova Scotia, Canada
Max Moseley.
Pages: from 163 to 172
PDF Available

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