"The "Antonio Núñez Jiménez" Foundation for Nature and Humanity, the Cuban Society for Speleology and the Montané Museum of Anthropology are pleased to invite you to the III INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON CAVE ART, to be held on November 17 to 22, 2008, in the Conference Hall of the "Antonio Núñez Jiménez" Foundation, located at: 5ta. B No. 6611 entre 66 y 70, Miramar, in the beautiful city of Havana, Cuba.
This year the Workshop will be dedicated to researchers José Maria Cruxent, Carlos Ponce Sangines and Fernando Morban Laucer.
As in previous years, the purpose of this meeting is to provide a frameworkfor theoretical discussion among cave art professionals and scholars fromall over the world, and the Americas in particular, who will be able to exchange experiences and get an update on the state of the art in ongoing research into this field."
This time the Workshop will center debate on the following topics:
1. Documentation and recording of cave drawings.
2. Theoretical-methodological problems in reviewing cave art recordings.
3. Cave drawings in the Caribbean region.
4. Man-made damage and conservation of cave art.
5. Automation and mathematical methods used to study cave drawings.
6. Management of cave art recording sites.
Ángel Graña González,
Fundación "Antonio Núñez Jiménez" de la Naturaleza yel Hombre,
Calle 5ta B, No. 6611 e/ 66 y 70, Playa,
Ciudad de La Habana,
Cuba, CP 10300

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