Mammoth Cave and Chappy Corp. honored

"As the worker safety and health partnership agreement signed more than three years ago comes to a close for the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the National Park Service and the Chappy Corp., Mammoth Cave and its partners were recently honored for the project.The renovation project calls for the overhaul of the park’s existing electrical system, which was installed more than 30 years ago. The system is outdated and does not conform to national electrical codes. The new system will be energy efficient and environmentally friendly to cave formations and creatures.“The logistics for this project were huge and could have been very dangerous,” said deputy superintendent Bruce Powell in a news release. “Not only did the Chappy Corporation employees install new lights, wiring and telephones, they had to completely remove the old equipment. This project finished on time, with a clean safety record.”Old 900-pound electrical transformers were broken down and removed from the cave by hand. A total of 45 miles of new wire was brought into the cave. Six miles of Mammoth Cave tour routes are now lit with economical, environmentally efficient light. (...)"
Full text: Bgdailynews.com

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