Cueva Pilote

"Cueva Pilote is a small cave near the head of a steep canyon that cuts the eastern rim of the rugged Sierra Encantada, an outlier of the Sierra Madre Oriental in northern Coahuila, just south of the Big Bend region of Trans-Pecos Texas. Over 600 years ago, this remote cave was used by hunter-gatherers exclusively for ceremonies that included bloodletting, making Cueva Pilote an incredibly rare and unusual site.
The existence of the cave was first brought to the attention of archeologists Solveig Turpin and Herbert Eling in the 1990s by local ranchers who told them about unusual ritual artifacts, painted deer scapulae, that had been taken from the cave in the 1960s and ended up in private collections in the United States. Later, Turpin and Eling were able to locate several of the cave’s privately held scapulae and realized the potential importance of the unseen cave.

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