The Third Turkish-Bulgarian Expedition it Tashelli plateau , Taurus Mt.,Turkey

"From 14 July to 22 August 2007, was held the third Turkish-Bulgarian speleological expedition in Taurus Mt. organized by speleo club BUMAK - Istanbul.
This expedition was a logical continuation of the mutual work of the Bulgarian and Turkish cavers for the exploration of the deepest abyss in Turkey and Asia (EGMA - 1429 m) in 2004 and Gazipasha expedition 2005. The Bulgarian team consisted of 5 cavers from SC”Prista”-Russe (organizer), SC”Academik”-Russe, SC“Caving”,“Academik” and “Vitosha” – Sofia all leaded from Teodor Kisimov. The Turkish cavers were 12 from the clubs BUMAK, BUMAD and AHUMAB.
The united team settled its base camp near Saramaza village in the south-west part of the plateau Tashelli close to Gazi Pasa – an administrative centre of the province with the same name. The expedition worked here only 5 days and managed to make a surface exploration on a vast part of the karst plateau by a car and by foot.
The main efforts was pointed to the exploration of the Cave Kosurelik ( Majar). It was explored during the previous joint expedition in 2005 to depth - 215 m and length 519 m. Then because of the time pressure, enough ropes, etc., the explorers couldn’t reach the end of the abyss and stop the research ahead of a vertical with presumed depth 25-30 m.object. The united team continued the exploration and was stopped in the big room with boulder chock covered with a thick strata of mad.
The new depth of the cave is – 355 which arrange it in 13 place in the list of the deepest caves in Turkey and in the 3 place of the deepest caves in Tashely Plateau after EGMA – 1429 m and Chukurpinar Dudeni – 1196 m.
There were explored and mapped few vertical caves , as follows:

• Saramasa Gedii (Акchapunar) -145 m discovered from Bulgarian caver Zh.Vlaikov ;
• Кaraluk- 15 m;
• Тikili Delik -12 m;
• Акcheri Obruu -30 m;
• Аshaa Кumludzha Karluk -16 m;

The joint team consisted by Seger Dzolotu, K.Stoilov and T.Kisimov continued the exploration of the cave Sadjak ( 2125 m, depth - 179 m). There was mapped 400 m of new passages, 200 m of which in water and mad so the new length of the cave is over 2.5 km. The Bulgarians K.Stoilov and T.Kisimov make unsuccessful attempt to enlarge the narrow passage with perforator in the bottom of the cave Ujluk Obruu ( – 120 m ).
The maps of the most caves are made at place using isoftware OnStantion. The GPS-coordinates of all explored objects are taken and the caves are situated on a topographic map 1:25000 and visualized by Google Earth . The Bulgarian team was kindly supported by Bulgarian Federation of Speleology,
The next 2008, the Turkish and Bulgarian cavers intend to continue their joint explorations in Taurus making expeditions in EGMA and Cukurpinar Dudeni."

Reported by Teodor Kisimov – expedition leader
Redaction and translation in English : Alexey Zhalov

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