End of the Krubera 2007 expedition

End of the Krubera 2007 expedition (updated after Cavex; the 21st january 2007) "Today (the 21st january 2007) a caving part of our expedition has finished.

From the bivouac in -700 m, Shuvalov, Firsov, Sklyar, Venyskiy, Ushakevich and Mislevets being loaded with six transport bags set off upwards. Smernikov with Provalov pulled four bags from the meander "Crimea" out. We finished a work in the cave for the once. Majority of the expedition equipment and material was carried forward up to the helicopter field. There´s a totally cloudy sky below us, and above us there are stars and a new moon. The wind is strong, but it´s cold. Klimchouk made a grog and Seryoza Smernikov prepared an outstanding pilav/pilaf. We hope we´ll be lucky, weather will get better and we´ll fly away tomorrov. Provalov"... + photos in the original contribution by Denis Provalov (via Cavex).

For Worldwide caving news from Russian translated by Gabo Lesinsky, Slovak speleological society, http://www.sss.skKrubera 2007 expedition successfully finished! Today on the 22nd january 2007 two Mi8 helicopters dropped out the participants of the expe and several hundreds kilos of equipment and material as well at the Gentiada beach. The expedition successfully finishes! "Down here a mandarine crop culminates. Tomorrow we move to Moscow."

A complet info on the expedition will soon be available at http://kota1000.speleo.cz , right after the Kota 1000 members´ arrival home. Reported by Oldrich Stos; Translated by Gabo Lesinsky, Slovak speleological society for Worldwide caving news (via Speleoexpedition Kota 1000). Sponsors of the Expedition Krubera 2007:RockPoint, Meander, Prodive, CK Alpy, Cavex club cz, Bask, Kong, Raumer, SingingRock


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