Auriga, cave survey freeware

Auriga is a cave survey freeware for PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) running under Palm OS. Auriga is designed for in-cave use as a smart survey notebook: as the survey goes, Auriga displays the line plot in graphical form, reports statistics, helps spot and fix survey errors and assists in sketching to scale. Bidirectional data exchange with Compass and Visual Topo is automatic.
The Auriga software is based on Martin Melzer's original project of creating a sensor box (electronic compass and clinometer) coupled with a Palm OS software to automatically acquire cave survey data. Work on the hardware prototype stopped in 2000 but the Palm OS software development resumed in May 2002 under the initiative of Luc Le Blanc . Since 2003, a conduit designed by Christian Chénier has allowed the bidirectional exchange of survey data between Auriga and various cave survey PC software.
Auriga is extremely customizable (sessions, instruments sets, measurement units, calibrations, input and display options, etc.) to cover the needs of the majority of cave surveyors. Developed in Québec (Canada), Auriga is available in three languages.

More information: Auriga

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