La Venta Exploring Team

"The La Venta Exploring Team conducts multidisciplinary research on caves and karst phenomena throughout the world, and serves as a voice and watchdog for the underground frontier through magazine articles, films, photographic exhibits and illustrated books. Our primary explorations are focused on rare, remote caves formed under extreme and unusual environmental conditions such as in quartz, lava, and deep inside the hearts of glaciers.
The Crystals Cave Project, A forest of crystals, the biggest ones on the Planet.An unreal world, beyond imagination, beyond dream.
A cave with a temperature of 50° C and 100% humidity; an infernal place, where man can survive just a few minutes. Still unexplored.A wonder of nature discovered by chance, fragile and mysterious; something we risk to lose at any time.And that will soon turn inaccessible again, hidden in the heart of the Earth. Naica's Crystals Cave is a small window onto the immense geological time; a window man can now open thanks to a new, exclusive technology.A high risk «astronautics» exploration, beyond human limits, in order to understand, study, document and save. Before it becomes too late.

In January 2006 the Geographical Association La Venta, an international team of cavers and researchers who have carried out successful explorations in several areas of the planet, from Antarctica to central Asia, was entrusted by the Peñoles mining company, sole licensee of the mine, to implement a research project on the cave for the next three years. Not only in this particular cave but also in several similar caves which were found in the same mine and still totally unexplored. "

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