Petzl Ascenders Design Flaw Releases It From Rope

"The following report and correspondence documents an actual life safety incident involving the basic design flaw of the Petzl ascender, a climbing gear failure wherein a Petzl model Ascension B17, unexpectedly disconnected itself from the climbing rope while the climber was climbing on a cliff side. The author personally witnessed this incident on Saturday 27 March 2004. Petzl was informed, and chose neither to follow through with a design review nor to notify the public how to avoid possible danger due to its flawed product safety design. Petzl instructions for use of the ascender contain no information about this life threatening safety problem. As of this date, the Ascension B17 ascender has not been recalled. The previous models of Petzl Ascension ascenders did not have this dangerous design flaw. Tough decisions yet remain for Petzl, for their conscience, and for their company's bottom line. When the manufacturer does not make it clear to users what the safe limits of use are for the products they manufacture and sell, it falls to the users to educate and inform ourselves, determine the life safety limits of use, and to gain full knowledge of possible failure modes. Buyer beware, there are serious product safety problems out there. Do you have one in your pack?" (...)
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