The International Show Caves Association (I.S.C.A.)

"The International Show Caves Association (I.S.C.A.) was founded in November 1990 and set up its central office in Genga, Italy. This web site contains lists and contact information for each of the member show caves and organizations, listed by country (click on a country link above).Click on one of the flags at left to read about the objectives of the organization.The purpose of the Association is to guarantee, on the one hand, the respect and the safeguard of the subterranean environment and its natural wonders while on the other hand it aims at promoting the economic development of the caves by supplying to all its members (i.e. the show caves) the experiences and solutions gained on the subject of research and management activities carried out by the most advanced caves which can afford a larger expenses.After the first Consitutent Assembly held in Frasassi (Genga Ancona, Italy) in November 1989, important events have contributed to the development and consolidation of the association."

Oficial Site: http://www.i-s-c-a.com/

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