Baltic Speleological Congress 2007

Date: 13 – 15 August 2007

Location: Wisby Strand, Visby, Gotland, Sweden

Gotland is a karst island off the east coast of Sweden. Visby, the main city on Gotland, is an old, medieval Hansa city. Visby has also been chosen by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Detailed info on Gotland and Visby can be found here.
The congress venue will be Wisby Strand. Detailed info on eating facilities, meeting facilities, stand facilities etc can be found via the Partner links.
By choosing a location that has served as a social and cultural hot spot for centuries, we hope to bring together cavers from the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea and beyond.

The congress organisation will be a joint-venture one, consisting of delegates from the Swedish Speleological Federation, delegates from the other Baltic Sea speleological organisations/federations*, Inspiro Event (PCO) and Gotland Convention Bureau. This will guarantee a high-quality and caver-friendly event.

Oficial Site: Speleo.se

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