Main collector i Kanin plateau (Julian Alps) continuation

September 26th 2005 - 4 cavers from Slovenia and Italy found continuation in cave Renejevo brezno in -1050 m. They found a big underground collector 10 x 5 m (h x w) with watterflow cca 100 l/sec. After 300 m with several big watterfalls comming from ceiling they stopped on -15 m deep step. The gallery there is 20 x 10 m and waterflow is about 200 l/sec. There are several open dry galleries and the continuation of main collector is open too.The distance from cave of Mala Boka spring (+650 m, 5.5 km) is about 500 m and -100 m vertically. The overall denivelation of this system could be 1857 m. (Text: Martin Sluka From Cavediggers)

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