A Tentação do Abismo, continua...

O apelo é mais forte, as Profundezas chamam os seus espeleólogos, para a mais profunda (actualmente).

Krubera/Voronja Cavex expedition: http://www.cavex.ru

Relato da expedição:

In camps is about 50 participants - not sure if the nonrussians are there too, the names are "skipped" from list published on net.They aranged "trace traps" in 20 resurgences around the massif Arabica including undersea springs.There are finished underground camps -700, -1200, -1400, -1700 named "KCC" all connected with surface by telephone line.Two cavers climbed up about 35 m in Meander Krym and found unknown passages. They surveyed them and continue in exploration.The video team shoot more than 60 minutes to -700.

Heavy storm and raining, but no any problems underground, more on surface.They are surveyin all the system again (!!!) and one group is measuring the exact denivelation with help of "watter levelling" - as I understood - the 200 m long tube with water connected to very precious pressure gauge.

They made another camp after third sump - in -2000 named "Station" and extended the telephone line there too.

In http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cavediggers/

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