The Fourth Balkan Photo Contest - Results

Piratska ladja - The ship of Pirates
Križna cave/ Slovenij
Auhor: Borut Lozej, Slovenija

The Fourth Balkan Photo Contest “We and Caves” finished. The main goal was to show the best pictures, which had been made in 2010 by speleologists and friends of the caves from the Balkan countries and the free participation - guests from all around the world. Speleo Club Prista - Ruse, Bulgaria was the organizer. The competition was under the patronage of the Balkan Speleological Union, the Bulgarian Federation of Speleology and was implemented with the kind support of „Fotosynthesis”and Photo- House “Ralitsa”.
This year the competition started with new format, new rules and more participants.

Poplava - The Flood
Škocjan Caves / Slovenija
Auhor: Borut Lozej, Slovenija

We received 497 photographs, which were divided into two sections:
1. The Men in the Caves;
2. The Beauty of the Caves

Each participant could submit up to 4 photos in one section and 4 on the other topic.
Five-member jury ( photographers, artists and speleologists) selected and evaluated the works of 98's artist and ranked them in 10 places in each section.
The most interesting photos will be displayed by the mobile exhibition, which will take part at the Balkan Speleo Camp - 2011 in Macedonia and in various Balkan countries.
For more information about the exhibition, as well as the other events, connected to the photo contest “We and Caves”, you can see on the Facebook: We And Caves; http://www.balkan-speleo.org/; www.speleo-bg.com and www.photosynthesis.bg.

Šparožna jama, Breza, Hrvatska
Autor: Ivan Glavaš, Hrvatska

Section I. "The Men in the Caves"

Prize winners:

1. Anton Yushko, Russia - Звёздные врата пещеры Шульганташ - Южный Урал, Башкортостан, Россия
2. Szilágyi Palkó Pál, Romania - Escape into nothingness - Wind Cave, Romania
3. Pavol Kocis, Slovakia - Reflex - Drienovska Cave, Slovakia
4. Cyril Bagiy, Russia - Человк и природа - Пещера Игнатьевская, Южный Урал, Россия
5. Brandon Kowallis, USA - 06 Jason Mateljak and Jon Jasper studying vandalism in Oak City Cave - Utah, USA
6. Marius Cigher, Romania - Rupestre - Huda Lui Papara Cave, Trascau Monuntain, RO
7. Brandon Kowallis, USA - Shay Lelegren in Neversink Cave - Alabama, USA
8. Lazar Tibor, Romania - Ursus Spelaeus & Homo Photographicus - Ursilor Cave, RO
9. Ivan Glavas, Croatia - Neman - Jama Upad, Permani, Croatia
10. Anton Yushko, Russia - Подземный дождь - Карелия, Россия
10. Nenad Saljic, Croatia - Petrified 3 - Spilja Maklutaca, Croatia

Bat In Flight 1 - Topla Pec, Croatia
The cave is located in a canyon of Krupa in the Velebit Nature Park.
Important habitat for bats. Photo taken 2009th
Author: Boris Krstinić, Zagreb, Croatia

Section II. "The Beauty of the Caves”

Prize winners:

1. Borut Lozej, Slovenia - Poplava - Škocjan Caves, Slovenia
2. Alexander Lazarov, Bulgaria - Висулки - Бойчова скала, с.Логож, Благоевградско, България
3. Ivan Glavas, Croatia - Kaskade(r) - Šparožna jama, Breza, Hrvatska
4. Mateja Lozej, Slovenia - Kačna jama 1 – The Kačna cave, Slovenija
5. Lázár Tibor, Romania - Magic Decoration - Micula Cave, Romania
6. Damjan Krstinić, Croatia - Dispersed drop in cave - Cave Vranik, province of Lika in Croatia
7. Gerasim Lekov, BG - Мечът на ангелите - Мачанов трап, с.Здравковец, България
8. Szilágyi Palkó Pál, Romania - Paleokarst deposits I. - Wind Cave, Romania
9. Boris Krstinic, Croatia - Young bats - Dragina cave, Croatia
10. Borut Lozej, Slovenia - Piratska ladja - Križna cave, Slovenia
10. Alexey Podayachev, Russia – 001 Кастере - пещере Кастере, Караби-Яйла, Крым, Украина

Prizes are provided by “Fotosyntesis”, Photo House "Ralitsa" - Sofia, Bulgarian Federation of Speleology, Tourist Association “Prista” - Ruse and “Nov Dom” Ltd - Ruse.

"Jon Jasper ascending from Mystery Hole"
(Mystery Hole Pit, Utah, USA)
Author: Brandon Kowallis, USA

Section I: Awards

1st Prize: Binoculars Olympus 8X40 DPSI, T-shirt with logo of the contest and Diploma and plaque.
2nd Prize: Set of caving harness with Shoulder straps for positioning, T-shirt with logo of the contest and Diploma 3rd Prize: caving pack,, T-shirt with logo contest and Diploma
4 -10: Awards are T-shirt with logo of the contest and Diploma

"По воде"
место: Пещера Ян Фен Донг, Сычуань, Китай
автор: Багрий Кирилл, Россия

Section II: Awards

1. Prize: Headlamp Petzl, T-shirt with logo of the contest and Diploma and plaque.
2. Prize: Set of caving harness with Shoulder straps for positioning
T-shirt with logo of the contest and Diploma
3. Prize: caving pack; T-shirt with logo of the contest and Diploma.
4 -10: Awards are: T-shirt with logo of the contest and Diploma

All participants will be nominated with the Diploma of Participation.

They will be receive by an E-mail.

The prizes of the non-Bulgarian winners will be given at the Balkan Speleo Camp in Macedonia or will be mailed by post.

The winners photos of the contest “We and Caves" are published at: http://www.photosynthesis.bg/?news=244 and http://www.photosynthesis.bg/?konkurs=56.

"Возвращение назад"
Все фотографии сделаны в пещере Обвальная при прохождении глиняного полусифона.
Пещера находится в Артемовском районе Донецкой области.
автор: Владимир Зубец, Украина

All photos can be found on https://picasaweb.google.com/we.and.caves
in Picasa.

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