New 2013 caving products


BASIC: Multi-purpose compact ascender

The BASIC is a compact ascender that offers excellent grip for rope ascents.
The lower attachment hole is large enough to hold the carabiners for the lanyard and the footloop.


CROLL: Chest ascender

The CROLL chest ascender is unmatched for efficiency on fixed lines.
Compact and lightweight, it does not interfere with progression.
The stainless steel wear plate improves durability by reinforcing the rope friction zone.


PANTIN: Foot ascender - right and left

Used with a CROLL, ASCENSION or BASIC ascender, the PANTIN foot ascender keeps the body vertical and makes rope ascent more efficient and less tiring.
The compact shape and durability of its attachment strap allows it to remain constantly attached to the foot.
The PANTIN is available in both LEFT and RIGHT footed versions.


TRIOS : Caving helmet with integrated ULTRA VARIO headlamp

The TRIOS helmet is designed for cavers looking for a two-in-one solution that is complete, durable and comfortable.
Lighting is ensured by the rechargeable ULTRA VARIO headlamp.
With four multi-beam lighting modes, it is ideal under any conditions, for example for proximity vision with maximum battery life or to light at a great distance.

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