2012. szeptember 20–23.
Miskolc – Bükk hegység

Preliminary Circular
The confrencia will pay special attention to the legislative and practical conservation of the bats and their cave habitat, to the effects of cave tourism on bats, and to researches on the WNS and other bat deseases: but any paper releated to cave-roosting bats are wellcomed.

Besides the scientific presentations exhibitions and sale of stamps, postcards, gifts, badges, and constructions of fine arts displaying bats, as well as of publications and leaflets conserning bats are planned.

The programme of the conference includes a field-trip to the Bükk Mountains, where cave habitats closing methods with special respect to bats and mist-netting will be presented.

Detailed information will be available in the First Circular, as well as on the website: www.barlang.hu and at e-mail: mkbt@t-online.hu in February 2012.

For a smooth organization participants are kindly requested to send back their preliminary registration form until 2012 January 20 to any of the following addresses:

Magyar Karszt- és Barlangkutató Társulat
1025 Budapest, Pusztaszeri út 35.

For more info and registration form click here.

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