II International Symposium on mine caves

Since the early stages in the development of human kind, caves were used as mines to extract minerals impossible to find at the surface. Later, mining activities, digging galleries underground, allowed to reach a peculiar type of natural cavities, the so called "mine caves", that would otherwise be impossible to explore and study.

These cavities, which are particularly widespread within carbonate formations, were known since the antiquity but they started to be studied only very recently
Mine caves have shown to be extremely important in several research fields: from speleogenesis to cave mineralogy, from history of mining activities to cave tourism, just to cite the most important ones. A first Symposium on mine caves was held in Iglesias in 2004 giving a strong impulse to the research, which flourished in the following years not only in Italy but also in many Countries abroad. For these reasons the Sardinian Geomining and Historical Environmental Park, together with the Sardinian Speleological Federation and the Italian Institute of Speleology decided to organize a Second International Symposium on Mine Caves to discuss the latest achieved results in this field all around the World.


Honorary Commitee

Ilio Salvadori (Organizer of the 1° Symposium on Mine Caves)
Andrew Eavis (President of the UIS)
Giorgio Oppi (Sardinian Regional Assessor of the Environment)
Salvatore Cherchi (President of the Province Carbonia Iglesias)
Luigi Perseu (Mair of the city of Iglesias)
Antonio Granara (President of the Geomining Historical and Environmental Park of Sardinia)

Scientific Commitee

Philippe Audra (Polytech’Nice - Sophia, Université de Nice - Sophia Antipolis - Biot France)
Penelope Boston (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology - Socorro USA)
Josè Maria Calaforra (University of Almeria - Almeria Spain)
Paolo Forti (Bologna University)
Yuri Dublyansky (Leopold Franzens Universitat - Innsbruck Austria)
Stein Erik Lauritzen (Bergen University - Bergen Norway)
Joyce Lundberg (Carleton University - Ottawa Canada)
Bogdan P. Onac (Univ. South Florida - Tampa USA)
Franco Frau (Cagliari University)
Giacomo Oggiano (Sassari University)

Organizing Commitee

Angelo Naseddu (Federazione Speleologica Sarda)
Daniela Pani (Federazione Speleologica Sarda)
Giovanni Lonis (Federazione Speleologica Sarda)
Jo De Waele (Bologna University)
Mauro Villani (Federazione Speleologica Sarda)
Ughetta Bogliolo (Federazione Speleologica Sarda)


Erika Portas
Silvia Arrica

Official website: www.international-symposium-on-mine-caves.org

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