International Conference dedicated to the 300th Anniversary of the birth of M.V. Lomonosov

2nd Circular

to be held 5-10 September 2011

The International Conference 'Northern karst systems in our changing environment' will focus on the problems of northern karst territories, their natural character, details of their genesis and geography, structure and dynamics of karst system components, research on cave glaciation, changes in karst systems under the impact of global climate change and the issues of karst landscape and cave conservation. The conference will be held at the State Nature Reserve «Pinezhsky» near the small town of Pinega in the north of Russia, Arkhangelsk area. During the field excursions participants will be able to see the local gypsum-karst landscape and caves that are the world’s single example of north-taiga gypsum karst.

Russian Geographical Society
UIS Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis
Institute of Ecological Problems of the North, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
State Nature Reserve «Pinezhsky», Russia
Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow State University, Russia
St.-Petersburg University, Russia
Ukrainian Institute of Speleology and Karstology
McMaster University, Canada
Department of Earth Sciences, Bergen University, Norway
Natural Sciences Institute of the Perm State University, Russia
Permafrost Study Institute, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Autonomous non-profit organization «Institute of Ecology and Education for Sustainable Development»

Programme Committee Co-Chairmen
Kirill Chistyakov, Prof., Doc. Geograph. Sci., Vice-President of Russian Geographical Society, Head of Dept. of Physical Geography and Landscape Planning, St.-Petersburg
Aleksandr Klimchuk, Cand. Geo.-Miner. Sci., Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Speleology and Karstology of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science and Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Commission on Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogenesis of the Union International of Speleology, Simferopol, Ukraine
Derek Ford, Emeritus Professor of Geography and Earth Sciences, Ph.D., McMaster University, Canada
Programme Committee Vice-Chairmen
Konstantin Bogolitsyn, Prof., Doc. Chem. Sci., Director of the Institute of Ecological Problems of the North, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Arkhangelsk
Arkadii Tishkov, Prof., Doc. Geog. Sci., Vice-Director of the Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
Stein-Erik Lauritzen, Professor, Ph.D., Quaternary Uranium-Series Laboratory, Department of Earth Science, Bergen University, Norway

Programme Committee Members
Bulat Mavlyudov, Cand. Geo. Sci., Chairman of the Speleology and Karstology Commission of the Russian Geographical Society, Moscow Branch, Russia
Nikolai Maksimovich, Cand. Geo.-Miner. Sci., Vice Director of the Natural Sciences Institute of the Perm State University, Russia
Yurii Lyakhnitskii, Doc. Geo.-Miner. Sci., Leading Researcher of the Karpinsky All-Russia Research Geological Institute, Chairman of the Speleology and Karstology Commission of the Russian Geographical Society, St-Petersburg Branch, Russia
Elena Shavrina, Cand. Geo.-Miner. Sci., Chief Geologist of the State Nature Reserve «Pinezhsky», Pinega, Russia
Andrei Semikolennykh, Cand. Bio.Sci., Senior Lecturer at the Soil Science Faculty of the Moscow State University, Russia
Secretariat of the Organizing Committee
Andrei Semikolennykh (Moscow State University) – Lead Organizer
Elya Zazovskaya and Inga Spiridonova (Inst. of Geography, Rus. Acad. Sci.)
Stanislav Iglovskii (Inst. of Ecological Problems in the North, Ural Branch, Rus. Acad. Sci.)
Nikolai Frants (Arkhangelsk Speleological Section «Labirint»)
Elena Shavrina (State Nature Reserve «Pinezhsky»)
Melina Minina (Moscow State Geological Prospecting University after named Sergo Ordzhonikidze)

1. Karst development and cave formation in cold climates
- Geology and hydrogeology
- Palaeogeography
- Cave glaciation, cryogenic phenomena within karst areas
- Mineralogy and ontogeny of ice formations and cryogenic features
- Karst as a factor of landscape organization
2. Land Use and human impact within northern karst systems
- Building and land use within karst territories
- Results of technogenic impacts on karst systems
- Cave use regulations
- Karst as a factor of regional economic development
3. Biology of cave organisms at low temperatures
- Biodiversity and biogeography of northern caves
- Mechanisms of adaptation to low temperatures
- Cave ecosystem ecology
4. Recreation and ecological education within northern karst areas
- Information provision for ecological education purposes
- Limiting cave and karst landscape visitor numbers
- Creation of ecological footpaths
- Protection of caves and karst features
- Museum establishment and management

5 September. Gathering of participants in the town of Arkhangelsk. Travelling by coach to the conference venue of Golubino, stopping on route to visit the open-air wooden architecture museum of 'Malye Karely'.
6 September. Registration of participants. Opening of the Conference. Plenary presentations. Reception banquet and brief presentation about the Pinega Region. Video films.
7 September. Plenary presentations and thematic sessions. Excursion to the 'Golubinsky Proval' cave and to the karst canyon.
8 September. Thematic sessions and poster presentations.
9 September. Field excursion. Evening picnic with bonfire and barbeque.
10 September. Participants travel back to Archangelsk by coach.

On-line registration is open at the Conference web-site: hppt://agora.guru.ru/cold-karst-2011/.
If you have any problems with web-site access, please don’t hesitate to contact us: cold-karst-11@mail.ru (the Conference E-mail), aasemik@list.ru (Andrei, the Lead Organizer), inga_spiridonova@mail.ru (Inga, Organizing Committee Member)
Following registration and payment of the organization fee the Organizing Committee will personally contact the participants by e-mail to discuss details of their arrival to Arkhangelsk and their choice of accommodation at the conference venue.

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