International Journal of Speleology - Volume 40 (1) 2011

Volume 40 (1) 2011

Comparison of 14C and U-Th ages of two Holocene phreatic overgrowths on speleothems from Mallorca (Western Mediterranean): Environmental implications
Paola Tuccimei - Mark Van Strydonck - Angel Ginés - Joaquìn Ginés - Michele Soligo - Igor M. Villa - Joan J. Fornós.
Pages: from 1 to 8

A comparative integrated geophysical study of Horseshoe Chimney Cave, Colorado Bend State Park, Texas
Wesley A. Brown - Kevin Stafford - Mindy Shaw-Faulkner - Andy Grubbs.
Pages: from 9 to 16

In situ acetylene reduction activity of Scytonema julianum in Vapor cave (Spain)
Antonia Dolores Asencio - Marina Aboal.
Pages: from 17 to 21

The subterranean fauna of a biodiversity hotspot region - Portugal: an overview and its conservation
Ana Sofia P.S. Reboleira - Paulo A.V. Borges - Fernando Gonçalves - Artur R.M. Serrano - Pedro Oromí.
Pages: from 23 to 37

A note on the occurrence of a crayback stalagmite at Niah Caves, Borneo
Joyce Lundberg - Donald A. McFarlane.
Pages: from 39 to 43

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