Cave Photography Exhibition in The Natural History Museum – Vienna

From Robbie Shone Photography:

Miao Keng in China - The world's deepest natural pit

The Cave and Karst Department, at the Natural History Museum in Vienna contacted me a while ago about a new exhibition for the Museum in Vienna. ‘Caves-Landscapes without light’ opened for two years on the 29th September 2010 and displays the work of 16 internationally recognised photographers.

Nine of my images were chosen to accompany 195 selected from 700. The show is an audio visual display of the most stunning underground photography from some of the most spectacular caves on this planet. It is my understanding that The Cave and Karst Department want to present a large diversity of karstic caves without any detailed explanations (those will be illustrated elsewhere). Some of the selected photographs chosen from my collection are listed below. For more information on this unique exhibition see the Vienna Natural History Museum website. Failing that just call in and see for yourself next time you’re in Vienna!

Cave explorers pass through The Hall of the Thirteen in The Gouffre Berger, France

Making progress through The Cascades in The Gouffre Berger

Titan, the UK's largest natural shaft

A perfectly circular 'phreatic' tunnel, South Wales

New discovery - The Whiterock River passage in Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia

Delicate straw formations cling to the roof of Dan yr Ogof, South Wales

List of photographers and their works

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