14th International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology


14th International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology

Undara, North Queensland, Australia

12-17 August 2010

7-10 August 2010


Anyone interested in volcanic caves and related features is warmly invited to attend the symposium and pre-symposium excursion.

Although Australia is not renowned for its volcanic caves or other recent volcanic features, it does possess some large areas of relatively recent lavas, especially in the McBride Volcanic Province of Far North Queensland and in the Western District Volcanic Province of Victoria. This event will enable participants to experience these two areas and a selection of their caves and related features, as well as to make and attend presentations on other lava caves from around the world. Papers and posters on relevant topics are invited!

The Symposium and excursion will be conducted in English. The organisers regret that translation services cannot be provided.

This site will attempt to provide you with useful information and full details of the proposed events to help you arrange and enjoy your visit to Australia.

Please note the dates, and order of events, have been changed from those originally advertised.

Please book early, especially if you have special accommodation requirements. It is likely that a limit of 60 persons will need to be imposed. Notice will be placed on this website immediately if we reach 50 full registrations.

Greg Middleton

for the Organising Group

More info: http://ackma.org/14VSC

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