Mesacny Tien – the longest cave in Tatra

Between January 22 and 25, a group of slovak cavers visited Mesacny Tien cave in Tatra mountains. With the 900m of surveyed new parts, the length of the cave reached 24,1km, and surpassed the length of polish cave Wielka Snieźna, becoming the longest one in the Tatra. When the group descended to the 1st Bivouac at -260m, they found it comletly ruined by a rockfall of a mass between 5000-10000kgs! The rocks falling from the ceiling, some of them reaching a weigth of a few hundred kilograms, completly distroyed some of the tents, and bivouac equipement. It is a big luck that the rockfall happened when the camp was not populated with a dozen of cavers!

Info: CaverInfo

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