Albania sierpień 2009


A group of polish cavers visited the alpine karst of Albania for the fifth time. Traditionally the period of the expedition was 15 to 31 August, and, as in previous years, the weather was good. This year their goal was a plateau located between the peaks of Maja Ismael Sali Brucaj (2527 m) and Maja Cet Harushes (2421 m). An upper camp was installed at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level. Within 8 days of activity from the upper camp, they managed to meet about 70% of the plateau. At total, this year’s expedition they discovered 32 new caves. Most of them are deep karst wells up to 45 meters. Six caves was surveyed, together in 2009 they measured 1051 m of new cave. Proved to be the deepest cave of the AVL-52 which reached almost 70 m deep and 127 m in length.

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