Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 71

Journal of Cave and Karst Studies
August 2009
Volume 71, Number 2

The Table of Contents:

Lampenflora Algae and Methods of Growth Control
Janez Mulec and Gorazd Kosi
pp. 109–115

Entomopathogenic Fungi Carried by the Cave Orb Weaver Spider, Meta ovalis (Araneae, Tetragnathidae), with Implications for Mycoflora Transer to Cave Crickets
Jay A. Yoder, Joshua B. Benoit, Brady S. Christiansen, Travis J. Croxall, and Horton H. Hobbs III
pp. 116–120

Climate Driven Changes in River Channel Morphology and Base Level During the Holocene and late Pleistocene of Southeastern West Virginia
Gregory S. Springer, Harold D. Rowe, Ben Hardt, Frank G. Cocina, R. Lawrence Edwards, and Hai Cheng
pp. 121–129

The Genesis of cave Rings Explained Using Empirical and Experimental Data
F. Nozzoli, S. Bevilacqua, and L. Cavallari
pp. 130–135

The Mineralogy and Trace Element Chemistry of Black Manganese Oxide Deposits from Caves
William B. White, Carmen Vito, and Barry E. Scheetz
pp. 136–143

Variability in Terrestrial and Microbial contributions to Dissolved Organic Matter Fluorescence in the Edwards Aquifer, Central Texas
Justin E. Birdwell and Annette Summers Engel
pp. 144–156

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