ANCHIALINE ECOSYSTEMS: Reflection and Prospects

ANCHIALINE ECOSYSTEMS: Reflection and Prospects

A SYMPOSIUM SPONSORED BY the Karst Waters Institute (United States)

and the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (Spain)

17-20 November, 2009


The Symposium on "Anchialine Ecosystems" to be held in Mallorca, Spain. The idea of the symposium is a simple one-to examine what we know and what we can infer about the environment, ecology, biodiversity and evolutionary history of anchialine ecosystems in order to provide a focus for the development of interdisciplinary research. This work is scattered through the literature of different disciplines, and we think that there is much to be gained by bringing together leading researchers that work on various aspects of anchialine ecosystems.

The presentations will be grouped around six themes, which have a strong interdisciplinary character:

  • Geology, Hydrology and Hydrogeochemistry
  • Habitats and water quality
  • Microbiology and Ecosystem processes
  • Physiology and Ecology
  • Evolutionary history, Historical biogeography and Molecular phylogenetics
  • Biodiversity and Conservation

Spoken papers will be specifically invited and poster presentations can be offered. In addition to presentations at the symposium, after the meeting we will be inviting some speakers to prepare a paper for a thematic issue of Hydrobiologia representing some section of the presentations at the Symposium.

The sponsoring organizations, the Karst Waters Institute in the United States and the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies, Mallorca, Spain, both have a history of sponsoring important small meetings with an interdisciplinary character and we are excited to be joining forces in this endeavor. We hope you will participate in Anchialine Ecosystems, 17-20 November, 2009.

Details of the registration process, ad accomodation in Mallorca are posted here:

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