Lebanon caves vie to be an official wonder of nature

"Lebanese are lobbying for a majestic cave complex to be named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World in an online competition that has drawn natural attractions from across the globe. The Jeita Grotto, in a river valley near the capital Beirut, is currently ranked 24th out of 77 on the list of nominations compiled by contest organisers ‘New 7 Wonders of Nature’. Other sites in the Middle East include Wadi Rum in Jordan, Israel’s Ein Gedi oasis and the Mesopotamian Marshes in Iraq.

“The Jeita cave is considered one of the largest and most beautiful caves in the world, with an impressive diversity of rock shapes and colours,” said Nabil Haddad, a German-trained engineer who is the cave’s general manager.

“This is a historic chance for Lebanon to show this truly unique secret to the world.”

The grotto comprises two limestone caves, upper galleries and a lower cave through which an underground river runs. The cave is 10,000 metres (close to 33,000 feet) long and features one of the biggest stalactites in the world, hanging 8.2 metres (27 feet) from the ceiling. (...)"

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