Earth Learning Idea

A fantastic site with didactic material: Earth Learning Idea


A valley in 30 seconds - pulling rocks apart
Investigating faulting in an empty box

Blow up your own volcano!
Demonstrate the importance of gases in volcanic eruptions

Making your own cracking clues to the Earth's past
Cracking the clues

Investigating how loose sediment may be stuck together to form a 'rock'
Make your own rock

Metamorphism - that's Greek for 'change of shape' isn't it?

What changes can we expect when rocks are put under great pressure in the Earth?

Mighty river in a small gutter
Sediments on the move

Investigating the resistance of rocks to eriosion by shaking in a plastic container
Rock rattle and roll

Who can make the biggest salt crystal?
Salt of the Earth

How symmetrical ripple marks form in sand
Sand ripple marks in a tank

How asymmetrical ripple marks form in sand
Sand ripple marks in a washbowl

Investigate why some lavas flow further and more quickly than others
See how they run

Making a miniature fold mountain range in an empty box
Himalayas in 30 seconds

Weathering - rocks breaking up and breaking down
Matching pictures and descriptions of weathered rocks with the processes

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