Inside Mother Earth

A Fantastic Journey into Our Planet's Interior. Nearly the entire surface of the Earth has been photographed and documented. Our world has grown too small for us. But has everything really been researched, surveyed and settled, designed and built upon as we see it? When we turn our gaze inward and view the Earth's interior, we discover new and far greater dimensions. Max Wisshak's flashbulbs illuminate realms that otherwise dwell in eternal darkness, where he photographs a hidden world full of fairytale beauty.

With his artistic sensitivity for contrast and pictorial composition, he has succeeded in creating pictures which capture the magic that awaits travelers who dare to descend into the depths of the Earth, to enter an inner world and delve into the roots of our essential being. In the midst of this wondrous world stands the solitary human being, small, with no one but himself to rely upon, and connected to life on the surface like a spider hanging from a gossamer thread.

This photobook by the dedicated scientist, speleologist and photographer Max Wisshak is not only a highlight for speleologists and geologists, but also and above all for people who are interested in nature and who haven't yet forgotten how to gaze in awe at the beauty of our world.

- Preface by Prof. Dr. Ernst Waldemar Bauer
(book author, biologist, television publicist and documentary filmmaker)

- Introductory text "Getting to the Bottom of Caves" by Max Wisshak
(geologist, paleontologist and photographer)

- Foreword "A Journey into the Interior" by Angela Lang
(speleologist and photographer)

-Foreword "Light in the Darkness" by Jean-Pierre
(head of the department of cave conservation of the 'International Union of Speleology')

More info: http://www.speleo-foto.de/aktuelles-e.htm

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