Vercors 2008 ciao...

Dear caving friends / Chers amis spéléo,
Thank you !
Thanks a lot to the FFS volunteers of the Vercors 2008 Organisation who have made this European Congress possible, thank you to all the sponsors,
thanks to our official partners :
Courant ropes, Petzl, Spéléo Magazine
thanks to our wine partner for the Clairette de Die Jaillance that you could taste during this week.
With more than 2050 persons including the 150 volunteers, nearly 200 communications, 300 films and photos, 2000 visits underground, 3000 passages through the "palettes", "speleobox" & "speleobranches", this European Congress will remain in our memories as the friendly European gathering that enabled the creation of European workgroups through the sharing of speleological experiences between the 37 countries that were present in Lans en Vercors .
I take advantage of this message to inform you that the European Federation has officially changed its name from Fsue to FSE (European Speleological Federation / Fédération Spéléologique Européenne) and that our website name is now :
The new treasurer of the FSE is Manuel Freire from Portugal and the new Vice-secretary is Alexey Zhalov from Bulgaria.
The FSE warmly thanks Jean-Claude Thies for his work as Treasurer for 14 years.
If you don't have yet them, you can find the full results of the 1st EuroSpeleo Image'In Festival on :
And you can post your feelings about Vercors 2008 on this online "Golden Book" :
or send them to : contact.vercors2008@ffspeleo.fr
Have a nice way back home,
Kind Speleologiocal Regards,
for the Bureau,
Olivier Vidal
Secr. General FSE

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