Lamp features:
• Rugged, waterproof aluminium case
• NEW: two high power white LEDs: 1 x Seoul P4 plus 1 x Seoul P7: > 600 lm output!
• Constant current regulated brightness (independent on battery voltage)
• P7 gives the wide angle ambient light
• P4 with 32 mm optics gives a fantastic 6° spot!
• microprocessor control for Li-Ion power reduction
• bar display for remaining battery capacity
• fully programmable to user´s preferences
• optional UV-LED
• completely nonmagnetic - no magnetic switch disturbing your compass
• made in Switzerland!
• Available colours : black, red, blue, green ☺
• 4 Li-Ion-Cell battery with 5100 mAh/7.2V
• 38 Wh capacity - as much as 15 alkaline AA batteries!
• Top quality Panasonic or Samsung cells, packs made in Germany
• protection circuit for safe operation

Battery case:
• CNC machined high strength aluminium case
• O-ring sealed
• curved shape for ideal fit at helmet
• not made for diving (!) but waterproof down to –20m

• Industry quality Ansmann charger
• max. 5h charging time
• fully automatic operation
• sophisticated charge algorithm for maximum battery lifetime

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