Biospeleological session of Vercors 2008

"Biospeleology is included at Vercors 2008, the IVth European Speleological Congress from 23rd to 30th Augustus 2008 (France, Lens-en-Vercors, Isère). Because of its specialised nature the scientific study of underground ecosystems is little known to the world at large. However, this particularly fragile environment deserves our close attention, notably by cave explorers. Vercors 2008 therefore offers an opportunity to spread knowledge of biospeleology and its influences Europe-wide.

At Vercors 2008 the topic of biospeleology offers a platform to:

(1) Present conferences: both on specific topics and at a level to foster a more widespread knowledge of the subject.
(2) Spread knowledge of operations and initiatives at various levels (expeditions, university research, classification work, conservation initiatives, etc.) which are taking place across Europe. This could illustrate the respective roles of cave explorers and research workers in this scientific aspect which plays an increasingly important part in exploration.
(3) Encourage the exchange of knowledge of biospeleology and maybe create a Europe-wide network."

The last version of the Biospeleological session of Vercors 2008. (27 - 29 August 2008 )

Download the program of the Biospeleogical session of Vercors 2008 [pdf 300 Ko]

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