by Hamdi Mengi. Ankara 2007.$ 30.00
plus p&p. ISBN 975-270-595-2.
96 pp.
Bilingual – Turkish & English
90 colour photos, surveys and maps.

"Hamdi Mengi was born in Havza in 1954. In 1978 he graduated the Geological Engineering Department Science Faculty in Ankara University and the same year he started working as a geologist in the Mineral Research and Exploration Directorate in Ankara. In 1985 he became a member of Ankara Photographers Association and later International Amateur Photographers Federation. In his work he took part in the cave studies and developed his cave photography skills. He is an author of several caving books and the famous one is “Natural Caves in Turkey”. Faithful to his passion Hamdi Mengi writes his next caving book – now for the Zonguldak Caves. Zonguldak karst area is situated about 300 km east from Istanbul, near the Black Sea coast. In the range there are numerous interesting caves. Undoubtedly, the most famous cave there is Kizilelma Magarasi (Kizilelma Cave) – the second longest in Turkey (6630 m). The first chapter is about the cave terminology in Turkish and English with the lists of the longest and deepest caves of Turkey. The main section of the book offers brief descriptions and surveys of the 19 caves including Kizilema Cave and Gökgöl Cave (3 350 m). The provided 10 special maps can help to the reader to know the location of the caves in the topographical and geological context of the area. Еach description is followed by excellent colour photos from the cave. This is a very useful hybrid between coffee table and guide book and could satisfy all who are interested of caves and caving in Turkey.
*Sent by email: by Alexey Zhalov

Available from Hamdi Mengi at: hamdimengi (at) gmail (dot) com

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