Hypogenic karst processes

The National Cave and Karst Research Institute and the Edwards Aquifer Authority are co-sponsoring a topical session on hypogenic karst processes at this year's GSA conference in Houston, TX. We are inviting you to consider submitting a volunteered abstract on any of the results of your research that might be pertinent to this topic.

This session is number T146, and will involve oral presentations.

Drs. Alexander Klimchouk, Calvin Alexander, and Kevin Stafford will be the three invited speakers.

The electronic abstract submission form is now available:


Most karst research focuses on epigenic karst, formed by descending groundwater. Hypogenic karst represents a major paradigm shift that answers many questions not satisfactorily addressed by invoking epigenic processes. The hypogenic model focuses on morphologic and hydrologic features created by ascending artesian groundwater. As the effects of hypogenic processes have become more clearly understood, hypogenic features have been recognized internationally in diverse geological settings. Hypogenic karst features are often poorly expressed at the surface, so their vulnerability as reservoirs for public water supply, risk of sinkhole collapse, and value as a host for mineral resources can be significantly underestimated. Thus, disseminating information on hypogenic karst to the geological community is crucial to developing accurate models and effective management plans for these karstsystems. Hypogenic karst also has important implications for many otherdisciplines, including more accurately determining the location and yield of economic paleokarst deposits, understanding the range and speciation of cave-limited organisms, enhancing analyses of landscape evolution, and better predicting the distribution of paleontological and archaeological deposits. As a new conceptual model, some topics will be presented to generate discussion to help further refine this exciting concept in karst geoscience. "

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