BCRA Cave Science Symposium

8 Mar 2008, Loughborough University
Presentations of short papers on Cave & Karst Science topics.
Abstracts are required by 11 January 2008

The meeting will be hosted by Dr. Paul Wood, of the Department of Geography. Dr Trevor Faulkner t.faulkner[at]bcra... will act as Lecture Secretary, to whom any further enquiries should be made.

Whether you are an academic, an amateur scientist or a caver wanting to find out more about the underground environment, you should find something of interest at the Symposium. Each year the talks and posters cover a wide range of cave science topics - from archaeology to hydrology, and from biology to geology.

Contributions are invited on any aspect of cave or karst science or caving technology (see BCRA's cave science policy). Poster papers, displays or preliminary presentations by postgraduate and undergraduate students are especially welcome. Full papers are not required, but submissions to Cave and Karst Science are also invited.

Those wishing to give a presentation should contact the lecture secretary, Trevor Faulkner, preferably by email to t.faulkner[at]bcra... or, for initial queries, by telephone to +44 (0)1625 531558. Please give the provisional title of your paper and the type of presentation (oral or poster). Titles and abstracts of up to one side of A4 should be sent as Microsoft Word files by email by Friday 11 January 2008. These should include full first names, contact details and affiliations of all authors, with presenters underlined, and may be 'extended' to include references.

Facilities available: A video projector will be available but please bring your own computer. If you require any other facilities, e.g. 35mm slide projector, OHP, audio/videotape/DVD playback it is essential that you request these well in advance. Oral presentations will be 15-20 minutes in length. Poster boards are 850mm x 1200mm and you may request two panels if required.

The Location is Loughborough University in Leicestershire. How to get to the University. Provisional Start Time: 10am, finish at 4pm.

Registration will take place at the start of the Seminar. A small admission charge will cover tea and coffee in the morning and afternoon. Lunch will not be included, but suitable catering suggestions will be suggested. We are also thinking of arranging an evening meal in a local restaurant for those who are interested. We encourage all potential delegates and speakers to subscribe to the 'meetings' mailing list (caves.org.uk/lists/meetings.html) so that they can be kept up to date with arrangements.

Download the 'second circular' as a PDF file (39K)

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