4th National Speleology Symposium - Turkey

21-24 February 2008


Our country have plenty of cave structure because of it’s karst topography. Unfortunately this structure are not interested as other countries.

The caves which are not evolvated properly and destroyed are very valuable geological and geomorphological heritage.
Speleology does not develop properly because of same reasens.

The caves in our country hav very special ecology conditions.

The quality,minerological and petrografic property of this structure and macro and micro vegetal and animal spicies in this cave are only examined by some independent work ups. This examination are not systemic.
For this reason the symposium that we plan to arrange about national caving is very important. We are glad to see the participal who transfer his knowdledge and experience to us.

We invite all cavers and people who are curious about this mystic world to our symposium. "

Prof. Dr. Koray HAKTANIR
Ankara Üniversitesi
Outdoor Sports Coordinator


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