Hypogean Archaeology

"Hypogean Archaeology is the result of a complex activity carried out through the development of original and innovative criteria where multiple aspects of other disciplines converge.This multidiscipline is based on underground permanence in man-made structures and on the ability to gather analytical data from the structure.The next step is the processing of such data. At this point, other aspects of the study such as architecture, geology, geomorphology, topography, history etc., contribute to an understanding of the structure in question.The research and study of artificial cavities is not incidental and is not the by-product of surface investigations or stratigraphic excavations.Just like classic speleology, "Hypogean Archaeology" has developed its own methodology.Without confusing the matter in abstractionism or particulars, it must be understood that Underground Archaeology is also part of Archaeology as the study relates to man-made structures. However the aspects of data collection, graphic return, documentation analysis and sythesis differ.The undertaking of this type of research essentially means "documenting the underground". "
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