Ground penetrating radar survey of a prehistoric site in southern Italy

Ruggiero Quarto, Domenico Schiavone, and Ida Diaferia

In this paper, we present and discuss the results of a ground penetrating radar (GPR) study carried out in an area of southern Italy where a karst cave with prehistoric remains was found. The aim of the study involved the imaging of the subsurface stratigraphy, both inside and outside the cave, in order to assist archaeologists in an excavation programme.
The survey grid comprised 18 intersecting GPR profiles. Problems associated with the use of the GPR within a cave environment are highlighted and the data processing sequence designed to extract useful geo-archaeological signatures is described. Interpretation of the radar sections was controlled by the excavation of two trenches (inside and outside the cave), allowing detailed outlining the complex stratigraphy and the reconstruction of Palaeolithic and Neolithic subsurface horizons.

Keywords: Ground Penetrating Radar; Stratigraphic survey; Karst cave; Prehistoric archaeology


Journal of Archaeological Science Volume 34, Issue 12, December 2007, Pages 2071-2080

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