Bats: Misunderstood Mammals of Flight

"Winged mammals of the darkness vacuum the night sky, each gliding body consuming hundreds and hundreds of insects a night. Foraging all night long, they return to their roosts before sun-up. And then they retire hanging upside down, shrouding themselves from the day by wrapping leathery wings around their tiny bodies.
There are almost one thousand species of these nocturnal flying mammals we call “bats.” Yet for all their numbers, bats are the most misunderstood of all creatures.
Bat World Sanctuary in Mineral Wells, Texas, and its founder Amanda Lollar, are out to change the bad rap bats have gotten in the past. At Bat World Sanctuary, not only is Amanda dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of bats, but also to educating the public on the importance of bats in our ecosystems.
Fed so many untrue myths about bats, many people fear them and regard them as nothing more than flying rodents—mice and rats with wings. It took one little bat named Sunshine, to teach Amanda Lollar how wrong that is. "

From: Planetbonehead.com

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