Benchmark Papers in Karst Science

Benchmark Papers in Karst Science

Edited by: William B. White & David C. Culver
A collection of benchmark papers in karst science:

The Decade 1951 – 1960
1. Vertical Shafts in Limestone Caves, E.R. Pohl

2. The Effect of Solvent Motion on Limestone Solution, C.A. Kaye

3. Stream Tracing, J.R. Dunn

4. Origin of Caves in Folded Limestone, W.E. Davies

5. A Synopsis of Cave Beetles of the Genus Pseudanophthalmus of the Mitchell Plain in Southern Indiana (Coleoptera, Carabidae), T.C. Barr

The Decade 1961 – 1970

6. Convergence and Parallelism in Cave Entomobryinae, K.A. Christiansen

7. Observations on the Ecology of Caves, T.C. Barr

8. Calcium Carbonate Saturation in Ground Water, from Routine Analyses, W. Back

9. The Cave Environment, T.L. Poulson and W.B. White

10. Conceptual Models of Carbonate Aquifers, W.B. White

11. Analysis of Simple Cave Communities. I. Caves as Islands, D.C. Culver

12. Behavior of Annual Floods in Limestone Basins in Pennsylvania, E.L. White and B.M. Reich

The Decade 1971 – 1980
13. The Geochemistry of Some Carbonate Ground Waters in Central Pennsylvania, D. Langmuir 14. Genetic Interpretation of Regressive Evolutionary Processes: Studies on Hybrid Eyes of Two Astyanax Cave Populations (Characidae, Pisces), H. Wilkins
15. Cavernicoles in Lava Tubes on the Island of Hawaii, F.G. Howarth
16. Evolutionary Genetics of Cave-Dwelling Fishes of the Genus Astyanax, J.C. Avise and R.L. Selander
17. Deducing Flow Velocity in Cave Conduits from Scallops, R.L. Curl

18. The Origin of Maze Caves, A.N. Palmer
19. Foraging by Cave Beetles: Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneity of Prey, T.C. Kane and T.L. Poulson
20. Considerations of the Karst Ecosystem, R. Rouch
21. Diffuse Flow and Conduit Flow in Limestone Terrain in the Mendip Hills, Somerset (Great Britain), T.C. Atkinson
22. The Development of Limestone Cave Systems in Dimensions of Length and Depth, D.C. Ford and R.O. Ewers

The Decade 1981 – 1990
23. Magnetostratigraphy of Sediments in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, V.A. Schmidt
24. Uranium-Series Ages of Speleothem from Northwest England: Correlations with Quaternary Climate, M. Gascoyne, D.C. Ford and H.P. Schwarcz
25. Analysis and Interpretation of Data from Tracer Tests in Karst Areas, W.K. Jones
26. Evolution of Adult Morphology and Life-History Characters in Cavernicolous Ptomaphagus Beetles, S.B. Peck
27. Ecology of the Mixohaline Hypogean Fauna along the Yugoslav Coasts, B. Sket
28. Fractal Dimensions and Geometries of Caves, R.L. Curl

29. Regional Scale Transport in a Karst Aquifer. 1. Component Separation of Spring Flow Hydrographs, S.J. Dreiss
30. Morphological Evolution of the Amphipod Gammarus minus in Caves: Quantitative Genetic Analysis, D.W. Fong
31. The Flank Margin Model for Dissolution Cave Development in Carbonate Platforms, J.E. Mylroie and J.L. Carew
32. Sulfuric Acid Speleogenesis of Carlsbad Cavern and Its Relationship to Hydrocarbons, Delaware Basin, New Mexico and Texas, C.A. Hill

The Decade 1991 – 2000
33. Origin and Morphology of Limestone Caves, A.N. Palmer

34. How Many Species of Troglobites Are There? D.C. Culver and J.R. Holsinger
35. Annual Growth Banding in a Cave Stalagmite, A. Baker, P.L. Smart, R.L. Edwards and D.A. Richards
36. Natural Environment Change in Karst: The Quaternary Record, S.-E. Lauritzen
37. Pattern and Process in the Biogeography of Subterranean Amphipods, J.R. Holsinger
38. A Chemoautotrophically Based Cave Ecosystem, S.M. Sarbu, T.C. Kane and B.K. Kinkle
39. Rhodopsin Evolution in the Dark, K.A. Crandall and D.M. Hillis
40. Climate and Vegetation History of the Midcontinent from 75 to 25 ka: A Speleothem Record from Crevice Cave, Missouri, USA, J.A. Dorale, R.L. Edwards, E. Ito and L.A. González

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