19th International Symposium of Subterranean Biology

The 19th International Symposium of Subterranean Biology will convene in Fremantle, Western Australia from 21-26 September 2008 under the auspices of the International Society for Subterranean Biology. These symposia are the principle global forum connecting researchers working on both the terrestrial and aquatic components of subterranean biology.

Australia’s subterranean fauna is amongst the more diverse globally, a far cry from little more than a decade ago when it was considered impoverished. Recent studies have revealed classes, orders and famlies of animals new to Australia and the Southern Hemisphere. Diversity is particularly high in the rangelands and the arid zone, a distribution that coincides with major resource projects for which subterranean fauna has become a significant environmental issue. This research was initiated by the Western Australian Museum, the host institution for the conference, and developed in collaboration with a national and global network of scientists.

This first notice is calling for your expression of interest in participating in the 19th ISSB. Please complete and submit the Expression of Interest form below to register your interest.

The second notice (October 2007 – Registration) will call for papers and provide definitive details of the symposium with abstracts due by 1st July 2008.

The third notice (21 July 2008 - Programme) will provide the programme and final housekeeping details of the meeting.

The language of the meeting will be English, the official language of the International Society for Subterranean Biology.

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