China - Beneath the Wall DVD

"China is the long awaited follow up to Gavin Newman's Multi award winning cave diving film Wookey Exposed.
Sichuan Province in central China is home to some of the world's biggest cave systems and this film follows a team of British explorers as they attempt to link together two of the most spectacular. The Great Dowline is nearly a kilometre across and seven hundred metres deep and is considered by many to be the biggest natural hole in the world. The Great Crack is a natural limestone gorge over two hundred metres deep and in places only two metres wide. These geological wonders are only ten kilometres apart as the dragon flies and both enter huge river caves with passages over one hundred and fifty metres high.
Could these be the same cave? The expedition hopes to link the caves and complete the tantalising through trip but as with so many expeditions into the unknown thing don't quite go as planned..."

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