2007 International Speleo Photography Contest


PARTICIPANTS: Open to all interested parties, with exception to members of the organizing club.

THEME: Spelunking and its surroundings.

PRESENTATION: Minimum size 20x30 cm / Maximum size 30x45 cm. Do not mount on support. Each participant will be allowed to enter a maximum of eight pieces. Each piece must have the title in the back. Each participant must submit a sealed envelope with the following information: Title, participant’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address. All type of photographic procedures accepted (chemical as well as digital). Please use appropriate packing.

First Prize: Clay Statuette and 1000 Euro.
Second Prize: Clay Statuette and 500 Euro.
Third Prize: Clay Statuette and 250 Euro.

Grupo Espeleológico Ribereño
Aptdo. n.º 158
C/ Santiago, 4 - 1.º Izqda.
09400 ARANDA DE DUERO (Burgos) España
00 34 947 51 06 73
E-mail: geriberen_o@yahoo.es

TERM OF ADMISSION: All admissions must be received nor later than September 25, 2007. An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to each participant.

EXPOSITION: The exposition is scheduled from September 28 to October 13, 2007.

CASA DE CULTURA; Exposure-room. (Street Isilla) Aranda de Duero.

RETURNS: At the completion of the exhibition, all photographs will be returned within the maximum allotted time of one month. At the end of the exposition, the G.E. Ribereño will cover all shipping costs.

• Each participant may only be awarded one prize.
• The G.E. Ribereño is not responsible for damages or losses; however, we guarantee the
utmost care.
• The winning photographs will become property of the G.E. Ribereño. We keep the right
of reproduction, exposition, etc, giving credit to the author.
• The winners will not be allowed to enter the winning pieces in other competitions.
• Participants will be responsible to ensure the nonexistence of rights to a third party in
presented works as well as all claims of rights to image.
• Participants will not be allowed to present winning pieces from other competitions.
• In case that the presented work surpasses the capacity of the exhibition hall, the organizing
commission will select the pictures to be presented.
• Issues not anticipated, will be resolved by the organizing commission.
• Each participant accepts the rules here by participating in this competition.
• The jury verdict is irrevocable.
(Sent by email.)

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