"From 16 to 23 June 2007 in the region Golo Bardo with population of ethnical Bulgarians – vill. Steblevo, East Albania took part the serial expedition of the Bulgarian Federation of Speleology. The expedition was led by Alexey Zhalov, with 8 participants from the speleoclubs “Vertilend”, “Helictite”, Caving”, “Vitosha” and “Academic” from Sofia, “Puldin” – Plovdiv and “Studenetz” – Chepelare, as well as two ethologists from the Folklore Institute – Bulgarian Academy of Science and Association for ethnological and folklore research “Ongal”.
The main aim of the expedition was to undertake anthropological, ethnological, folklore and speleological studies in the region, to explore and map new caves and abysses with the relevant documentation (description, fotodocumentation, GPS-coordinates, biospeleological material, etc.). The expedition deparured for Albania on 16 June by minibus and jeep. Within 5 working days (17-21 June) the team fulfilled the marked plan. The results are as follows: the speleoteam worked in the water abyss cave “Dupkata na trite basamaka”, found by Bulgarian speleologists in 2006. The cave seemed to be promising, but the explorers stopped before a narrow impassable part on depth – 35 m. After enlarging the cave could be continued further. The cavers mapped 27 m galleries more in the water cave “Spella ne Gur i Yaut”, which was explored by SC “Helicit” – Sofia in 2004. In the end of the cave the researches found a sump! In total, the results of the expedition include the discovery and mapping of 7 new relatively small caves and abysses.

Name of the cave Length (m) Denivelation (m)
Spella (cave) Kusar, vill. Steblevo
+ 4.56 m
The Ascending Cave, vill. Steblevo
+13 .00
The Hare’s Cave, vill. Steblevo
Spella e Plumave, vill. Studeno
- 12.00
Spella Aqulit (Ftoft), vill. Letime
- 31.00
Spella ne Ruges, vill. Klenje
The Slit, vill. Steblevo
- 8.52
Mapped length in total: Length - 264.45 m ; Denivelation - 104.08 (+17.56; - 85.52) m.

The entrances of the caves were photographed and marked. On the basis of their GPS-coordinates, the sites were put on a topographic map in scale 1:50 000. Tracks of all routes to the caves were also recorded.
After this expedition, the number of the caves, we explored, reaches 16. The longest among the caves in the mountains of Golo Bardo is Gur I Jaut – 189 m. The total number of the caves in Albania, explored by Bulgarian expeditions is ............!
In the frames of the biospeleological program P. Beron collected material from the external fauna from several caves. At this stage the collected material shows that there might be at least two cave species, new for the science!
The athroplogical, ethnological and folklore studies were very effective. More than 40 Bulgarian songs were recorded, as well as information about the local folklore calendar, life cycle (Birth, Wedding and Funeral), stories and legends. Photo- and video films of the way of life of the local people were made also. The process of the speleological research was shot too in order to make movies for the region.
During the expedition were made informal contacts with people from the Bulgarian minority in the village, many new friendships were established, which beyond all question will help for the integrity among our two Bulgarian communities. "

Аlexey Zhalov –Leader of the expedition
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