THE 2007 NSS CONVENTION at MARENGO, INDIANA July 23 - July 27, 2007

"The Convention
Nestled in the scenic hills of Southern Indiana, Crawford County is the "Postcard Perfect" destination for recreation, relaxation, and caving! Crawford County expands from the shores of the Ohio River at the town of Leavenworth, to the shores of Patoka Lake. Thousands of acres of county, state, and federal forest create a haven for the naturalist. The caves and karst of Crawford County, and most of south-central Indiana, are developed chiefly within the thick limestones and dolomites of the mid-Mississippian-aged Blue River and Sanders groups. Caving at Convention will range from tight and sporting stream crawls, to huge walking passages, to well-decorated grottos. Underground adventures will also include multi-mile systems, survey and exploration opportunities, family and hardcore trips, and cave diving. For more information about caving, go here.

The town of Marengo is located in Crawford County and is home to one of the finest commercial caves in the United States. Marengo Cave was designated a US National Landmark in 1984 by the Department of the Interior as the most profusely decorated cavern...with speleothems of the highest quality. Also in Crawford County, near Leavenworth, is Wyandotte Cave, one of the oldest and largest commercial caves in the country. Both will be must do activities during the week."


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