EUROBATS celebrates its 15th anniversary

1991-2006. EUROBATS celebrates its 15th anniversary.
EUROBATS Publication Series, No 1

In publishing this book EUROBATS proudly celebrates 15 years since the Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats was signed in 1991. We believe that the EUROBATS Anniversary represents the success of the member states to co-operate within the Agreement, as well as a milestone in the history of bat conservation in Europe.

The work of countries across Europe in studying bats and improving our knowledge about their ecological value is crucial, not only because bats are an essential component of the biodiversity of Europe, but they also represent one of the best natural indicators of the health of an ecosystem.

We hope this publication will give an insight into the substantial progress recent generations of bat researchers have made in the area of bat research across the geographical range of EUROBATS. Eurobats.org

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