Cavex Expedition to world's deepest cave: Krubera / Voronja

Oldo Stos (Czech speleological society) at his web-site Speleoexpedition Kota 1000 ( http://kota1000.speleo.cz ) generally promised to send almost on-line informations as to the expedition Krubera 2007 organized by Cavex.

He gave out - for the time being - several brief infos about the transfer of the czech and slovak participants to Moscow making a plan to reach Russia-Gruzian state border.

According to his informations the research in the Krubera-cave will continue behind the last siphons Podnir and Unitaz, where cave goes further on.

The aim is to follow the summer expedition results and to make the best of the low water level now as well as the presence of caving material in the cave in order to pass and/or overrun the depth point of -2158 m.

The Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Australian, British, Italian, Spanish and maybe Polish cavers will participate the expedition.

The 5th january, 02:15 PM: the first two transport actions were carried out to the base camp site near the cave entrance with a help of Mi-8 helicopter. Its landing was successful in spite of a strong wind. There is a frosty weather, strong wind and 2 m of snow up there. "We built a base camp, the cave entrance identification was performed as well. Tomorrow (saturday), the first works in the cave ought to start following the plan."

The Krubera 2007 Expedition sponsors: RockPoint, Meander, Prodive, CK Alpy, Cavex Club CZ, Bask, Kong, Raumer.

Reported by Oldrich Stos, CSS, Speleoexpedition Kota 1000

Text from: Zenas.gr

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